White Rose – B&B Pics

This is fully furnished Apartment located in 9th floor


IMG_20170327_164825IMG_20170327_164841IMG_20170327_164852IMG_20170327_164855IMG_20170327_164902IMG_20170327_164911IMG_20170327_164918IMG_20170327_164940IMG_20170327_165003IMG_20170327_165008IMG_20170327_165018IMG_20170327_165024IMG_20170327_165053IMG_20170327_165058IMG_20170327_165058_1IMG_20170327_165107IMG_20170327_165143IMG_20170327_165149IMG_20170327_165156IMG_20170327_165234IMG_20170327_165334IMG_20170327_165339IMG_20170327_165409white roase locationwhite-rose-1


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